Private Client, Fairfield, Ct

Jennifer is masterful in her knowledge of the following landscape design areas:

She creates harmony and environmental balance for the planet's health and also your property. A love of all the details is evident including each and every plant chosen to make a cohesive gorgeous feast for the spirit and for your senses.

She adores all plants and colors and has extensive knowledge of plants and truly exceptional design and the end result is a living work of art!

She understands horticulture and the conditions required for the environment and plants to thrive.

Her love of what she does is evident in her attitude and all she does is special.

Private Client, Greenwich, CT

Jennifer helped us with her horticultural and permaculture wisdom. We appreciate her ability to mix native species with artistic plants and design. Her work is sustainable and organic. She helped us maximize the health of our plants.

Victoria Lyon, Interior Designer

I referred Jennifer Yates Gardens and Landscapes to a private client in North Stamford.

My client said, "Jennifer and her team exceeded her high expectations, and their work was some of the most creative she had seen."

I will always recommend Jennifer and her team before anyone else. She produces an excellent result.

Miguel Garcia-Colon, Branch Manager, Greenwich Library

Jennifer Yates is an excellent presenter for the Byram Shubert Library, educating at her lectures eleven times in the last two years.

She is passionate, highly professional and loves to teach on subjects pertaining to environmental issues and a large variety of garden and landscape design topics.

She is fascinated by garden and landscape design and has helped give me ideas a beautiful garden design for the Byram Shubert Library.

Martha Wright, Greenwich, CT

Jennifer Yates’ public talks are first-rate.  She is a fantastic presenter, drawing on her deep knowledge of plants, gardening, and the natural world.  Her style is open, approachable, engaging, and deeply respectful of her audience.  I always learn something new, interesting, and useful at her presentations.