Gardens for Well-Being

This garden journey cultivates an understanding of the multiple ways which healing and soul restoration happen in a beautiful landscape. We yearn for a place of beauty and tranquility – what better place to find this than in a bucolic garden.

Solitude is necessary in a noisy world: to re-center, transform and restore body mind and spirit. There are many levels of healing we will receive in this space – restored peace, connection to self, awareness, forgiveness, calming and much more.

Spending time in a garden,that is shaped as an “outdoor room”, imparts cloistering and nurturing. You become one with your surroundings. The visual experience is joyful, caring, supportive. Viewing plants is happiness. There is a term for the room in Chinese and Japanese gardens which says this “outdoor” room becomes a teacup design. The outdoor room is just one type of garden space.

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