Jennifer Yates

Jennifer Yates is an artistic fine garden and landscape designer and horticulturist. Her work focuses on impressive and beautiful- or ecological–or both!

She combines a lifetime of study in the diverse fields and her education is a minor in architecture, horticulture, bachelor of interior architecture, and landscape architecture, horticulture and design at New York Botanical Garden.. She believes in respecting the earth and does very lasting projects by following what is right for a natural gift for color harmonies to create landscape designs that as Prince Charles explains: “delights the eye, warms the heart and feeds the soul.”

Her knowledge of plants is extensive and they look breathtaking, ties the property together with themes, integrates the design, maximizes the sense of place and the site’s potential.

Jennifer has led numerous workshops and seminars on topics such as Sustainable Garden Design, Herbs for Health, Rain Gardens, and Interior Plantscapes, at the Greenwich Botanical Center and Greenwich Byram Library, and more.

Do you want to avoid chemicals and pesticides and do it all organically? Is it important for you for your garden to be in tune with climate change and other environmental factors.

Jennifer’s talents in the area of design are:

Artistic and European Beds

Architectural beds and foundation plantings

Native, Wetland and Rain Gardens

Zen ,wild or formal designs

Deer-resistant designs

Herbs, Edibles and Cutting Gardens


Greenhouses, Indoor /outdoor rooms and greenhouses

Contact: jenniferyates1@yahoo.com, or call at 203.249.6541.

Queen Anne Lace

Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Interior Architecture with a minor in Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design, w/ study of Art History at Brown University.
  • Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) Certification.
  • Graduate study in Horticulture, Landscape architecture  at the New York Botanical Gardens.
  • Training with leading teachers of sustainable gardening – Dan Kitteridge and John Ramos.
  • Study of Feng Shui with Master Lynn Yap in Singapore.